how to design a nursery

As soon as you come to know that it is a girl or a boy, you get excited and start planning about the future. The first thing this what will happen when you will bring the baby home, the most fun to do for moms is to plan the nursery for their new born baby.
how to design a nursery
1.    Make a plan: You have to make a plan not in your thoughts and imaginations, but in real. Whatever is in our thoughts, is not possible practically sometimes. So, you have to make a practical plan that can be implemented according to your house and budget.
2.    Choose the budget: You have set up a budget, do not be in the misunderstanding that it will be really cheap. Because it can be costly depending upon your idea and choice.
3.    Color scheme: You have to choose the color scheme, it can be according to the gender as well, but the preferred is some cartoon theme.
4.    After that you have to select the furniture accordingly, for instance if you choose superman theme then everything even the pillows are going to be blue and red.