Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Picture this: you are on your vacation and you have planned a day outside on the beach. Next day, you wake up and the weather it’s not what you had read on the weather forecast.  So, what to do? You go on and open that bottle of wine, put some music and play some inside games. However, when it comes to kids, things are a bit different. You can’t just put them to look at the screen the whole day. Because they will watch the TV but, after that, they will revolt. So, what to do? Fear no more, my friend, because we are about to present you some Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Let’s take a look:

  • Pictionary: Kids love drawing.  Just come up with some words and put them into a plastic bag. You can use cardboard for the drawings.
  • Fashion contest: Tell your kids to come up with the craziest outfits they can think of. Then, prepare a catwalk. The craziest outfit wins!
  • Town library: Okay, if things are home are not going great, then you can always go to the town library. Libraries tend to have great programs for children and, while someone takes care of them, you can have coffee.